Why Is Venice Underwater?

Is Venice Doomed to Go Underwater?



There have been many reasons to believe that Venice might end up eventually staying underwater, but don’t get too upset yet. Though the city is sinking and water levels are rising, there are several projects underway to help reduce the damage it does to local surroundings and shoes.

That being said, things don’t always go according to plan. Many of the projects, including Project MOSE which could potentially block out water from the Adriatic Sea, are facing serious problems. Between corruption scandals and tech issues, the final finishing dates for several projects have been repeatedly pushed back. 

All is not lost, though. Word has it that MOSE will hopefully be completed by 2021 and will have the potential to greatly reduce the amount of flooding locals have to face. Who’s to say that the future will not have more projects geared towards reducing the damage high waters have. 

In many ways, Venice’s future is one that can best be described as a battle between tech and climate change. Will Mother Nature win? Or will humanity find a way to exist in a new world that will be filled with flooding? Only time will tell.