Why Is Venice Underwater?

Man-Made Issues: Climate Change

climate change venice floods


Though acqua alta is a natural issue, there’s no denying the elephant in the room. Climate change, caused primarily by factory pollution and the destruction of forests around the world, made oceans rise around the world. 

Oceanic rises aren’t the only issue that comes with climate change. An increase in volatile weather, especially storms, has been noted by scientists for decades. This raises the risk of acqua alta tremendously and could easily exacerbate the phenomenon even more. 

Italy’s own Venice isn’t the only coastal town to be affected by the ravages of climate change. Many coastal cities, even in America, have started to notice increased flooding as years pass. After a recent record-breaking floods, climate scientists took a closer look at the Venetian problem. 

Unfortunately, once climate change happens, there probably isn’t a way to reverse it. This means that all Venice can do is put their efforts to slow down the changes and do what it can to mitigate the damage floods do to the city.