The Insane Ideas of Elon Musk

He Sent a Dummy into Space



For most companies, a marketing campaign means a few paid ads and billboards. But not when that company is run by Elon Musk. When SpaceX launched their Falcon Heavy rocket – the largest in the world – in February 2018, it carried Musk’s own red Tesla Roadster into space. In the driver’s seat? A mannequin dressed in a spacesuit called “Starman.” On the radio? David Bowie. He announced this entire plan on social media, making even more extra. 

It must be awesome to be so rich that you can launch a Tesla into space, right? The mission received plenty of attention from the public – with the Falcon Heavy launch being live streamed and video feeds from space showing the Roadster as it travelled through space, thanks to cameras within the car. It ended up driving 549 million miles around the sun, and confirmed that Musk is as crazy as he is brilliant. Basically, crazy brilliant.