Is Vaping Worth It?

Explosions and Burns

Explosions and Burns vaping


The vapor is not the only part of an e-cigarette that is dangerous. The device itself can cause burns, and in a few cases have been known to explode. In a two year period (2015- 2017) over 2000 cases presented to US emergency rooms with vape related burns, and it’s likely that actual incidents are even higher than that, since that number only reflects those that have been treated. The two most widely reported cases involving an explosion resulted in one teen breaking his jaw, and one death to a Texas man. A third case led to a man’s death when his vape exploded and caused a house fire. The device malfunction that caused both the burns and explosions have been attributed to battery failure within the vape. 

As it stands, much of what is reported about vaping is either speculative or inconclusive, with several conflicting opinions. This is due mostly to the fact that vapes have not been on the market long enough for significant research on long term effects to have been done. However, as more and more reports of illness and complications related to the habit emerge, the picture is becoming clearer that they are certainly not as safe as originally imagined. Many people would suggest that the dangers outweigh any benefits vapes may provide, and urge others to reconsider before using them. Long story short, they just aren’t safe!