Is Vaping Worth It?

Respiratory and Heart Diseases

Respiratory and Heart Diseases vaping


By September of this year, several people had died in the US from a lung disorder related to vaping, named EVALI. The CDC, FDA, and state health departments have all been investigating the deaths to determine what exactly caused the issues, but even prior to this, there was significant evidence that the e-cig vapor was an irritant to the lungs. Research showed an increase in wheezing in people who vaped, with past smoking history making little impact. There has also been evidence that vaping causes COPD, although that has not been definitively proven in any trials. Researchers also say that e-cig heating elements can release tiny, microscopic particles that can be imbedded in the lungs and eventually make their way into the circulatory system, causing or exacerbating lung and heart problems. Ultimately, many of the chemicals in the vapor have not been tested for potential lung and heart risks, but can be found in things like glue and paint.