15 Biggest Fish Ever Caught by Hand

92 lbs. California Yellowtail

92 lbs. California Yellowtail
*this is not the 92 lb. California Yellowtail but its a similar sized one caught in the pacific ocean at Guadalupe Island source


For most anglers, a dream fishing destination is Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Why are they dreaming of Guadalpe? Because monster fish live there! In 2004, Kevin Pfeiff became the luckiest man in the world. Not only did he catch the largest California Yellowtail in history, he reportedly did it on 25 lbs. line. Not only does that take immense skill, it also means he must have some amazing luck! Caught on a live sardine while casting, it took him one hour to reel in this monster fish and we are sure it was a huge fight to get it to the boat.