15 Biggest Fish Ever Caught by Hand

563 lb. 8 oz. Giant Black Seabass 

563 lb. 8 oz. Giant Black Seabass
source *this picture is the 563 lb. record holder but is similar in size
JUNE 3, 1905 | Taken by John T. Perkins |”Tuna George” Farnsworth, boatman | 428 pounds


Caught at Anacapa Island off the coast of Santa Barbara, this black seabass is a phenomenal catch. As this fish is illegal to catch in California today, it could be very hard to beat this record! From islandpedia, “The International Game Fish Association world-record giant sea bass was taken at Anacapa Island on August 20, 1968. It weighed 563 pounds 8 ounces. The world record take free-diving was taken at Santa Cruz Island in September 1968 and weighed 545 pounds.