Looming Climate Apocalypse – What You Can Do to Help Global Warming Today

Eat Less Meat



Did you know that meat is another major factor that contributes to climate change? It’s true. Raising livestock for the meat industry is a process that adds to deforestation and also emits a massive amount of greenhouse gasses into the environment. 

The impact meat has on the world is so drastic, scientists are now urging people to eat less meat–or go vegan altogether. If meat consumption isn’t curbed soon, it could spell disaster for our planet.

Truth be told, there are health benefits as well as financial perks to trying a more veggie-heavy diet. Even if you don’t quit meat altogether, the movement can make a huge change in how your feel as well as the outcome of the planet. 

You also wouldn’t be the first one to make this switch. Around 25 percent of all young people have started to change their diets as a result of the impact meat has made on the planet. Tofu, anyone?