10 Mysterious Photos That Scientists Still Can’t Explain

A UFO Attack


This photo isn’t just mysterious, it has downright alarming connotations. During 1967, a man by the name of Stefan Michalak ran into a flying saucer while prospecting for quartz near Falcon Lake, Canada. He looked up at the floating craft, and decided to sketch it. After sketching it without issue, he decided to approach it.

Bad move.

The area around the craft began to smell of rotten eggs. He tried to touch the craft after hearing voices inside. The sheer heat from the craft melted his glove, and the craft then shot a massive light beam at him as it flew off.

When he was taken to the doctor’s office, this photo was taken. Doctors diagnosed him with severe radiation sickness, though they couldn’t confirm that it was UFO-related. Still, this case hasn’t been debunked yet.